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How to prevent junk food snacking during school holidays!

During the school holidays we may be tempted to let the kids snack on junk food and take out. however when the blood sugar levels are not balanced it can cause tantrums and melt downs.

The best way to skip this is by making sure you have a range of healthy snacks available at all times.

Stock your fridge and pantry with plenty of nutritious food options. by being prepared will mean you’ll be ready before you even start to hear the inevitable “Mum, I’m hungry!” on repeat.

Here are some of my tips for the school holidays to keep the kids happy and healthy.

Get the kids involved.

A great way to keep the children busy and spend some quality time with them is to get them to help you in the kitchen with the cooking. Most kids love spending this time with their parents, plus helping to prepare food means that they’re more likely to eat or at least try what they’ve created.

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