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How to stop dessert cravings after main meals


Craving sweet food after meals is a habit, if you have always had dessert after having a main meal that is what your body will begin to expect.

Sugar cravings can be stronger at night after dinner as we tend to eat dessert after dinner more frequently then let's say breakfast. In addition your energy levels are much lower at dinner time. Sugar is known to release serotonin (feel-good) chemicals into your brain when you eat it.

The good news is that you can retrain your brain to stop craving something sweet, one of my favourite tricks that I learned from another nutritionist called Lyndi Cohen.

TRY: The one hour trick

As my approach is to never deprive myself of anything I desire to eat, I use the 1-hour trick to help me overcome my sugar carvings.

First i always give myself permission to eat the dessert. then i wait an hour and if I still desire that treat I eat it! Do not set a timer or anything like that just wait approximately an hour and see how you feel. the trick works because it delays the gratification until my craving can subside. Most of the time cravings only last for a short period of time and come in waves. If you are able to wait for it out, it will go away.

It can take a few weeks but if you delay the gratification until the craving can subside, you can break the habit.

Another option is to swap your dessert craving for a healthier, sweet food like fruit or yoghurt.

Try the 1-hour trick and let me know how you go. There are many more tricks that i can teach you to help with cravings and binge eating, please send me an email.



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