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My 1:1 consultations are designed to give you all the strategies you need to live a healthy life, and none of the stuff you don’t. 


Let’s be real…there’s a lot of B/S out there when it comes to health and wellbeing content.


And all that conflicting advice can leave you stuck, with no idea what to trust or where to start.

That’s why a nutrition consultation can be so powerful for women like you. 


  • It’s a chance to ask all the questions you have and get the answers you’ve been craving. 

  • It’s an opportunity to engage in REAL self-care - the kind that is simple, sustainable and sets you up for a happier life. 

  • It’s a way to tune out all the media noise and reconnect with the most important tool you have - your own intuition. 

Full disclosure? If you’re looking for complicated diet plans, 
you won’t find them here. 

I’m all about the fundamentals of nutrition that you can apply for the rest of your life.

I believe in building a foundation of healthy habits, listening to your body and choosing balance. 


I also know that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it 
comes to food, because we are all different, with unique bodies, 
lifestyles and nutrition needs. 


Getting caught up in the comparison trap or in the dieting wisdom of the day?
It’s a surefire way to get stuck. 

When we work together, I take the time to understand your specific needs, values,
lifestyle and health history. I customise my strategies and advice so they make sense for your situation and feel totally sustainable. 



Image by Hanny Naibaho

“I have a lot to thank Inna Merkin for! She established complete trust with me and changed my relationship with food after a 5 year struggle. 

Inna is realistic and understands everyone’s journey is different. The changes we implemented together pushed me, but felt totally manageable.

I learnt a lot from my sessions with Inna and would strongly recommend consulting with her, even if you’re simply looking for greater knowledge of food and nutrition.” 


Grace Cannavo, 
Innamehealth ‘Womens’ Consultation’ Client 

  1. First up, we start with a 15-minute FREE phone consultation.

This is a FREE, no-obligation chat. It’s an opportunity to dig into your specific needs and struggles and identify what you’re looking to get out of a 1:1 consultation. By jumping on the phone together, I can quickly assess your situation and see if we are the right fit to work together.


At Innamehealth, I’m big on integrity. That’s why I always make sure that I’m the best person to help you. 


Nine times out of ten? I’ll be able to cater to your areas of issue and interest - and if not, I’ll point you to the perfect specialist. 

2.  If you’re keen to continue, we book in your 1:1 consultations. Here's what you need to know:

Each session is 30 minutes in duration and is conducted 100% online through Zoom (a web-based, video-sharing application). 

That means that we’ll be able to see and talk to each other via real-time video. 


I find that this is a great way to work together because it offers maximum flexibility. So much of the time we put off important health matters because we simply don’t have time. My online 1:1 consultations are the ideal solution, as you can tune in from the comfort of your own home. 


Plus, you’ll even get a recording of your session that you can re-watch later as you please. 


I don’t book one-off sessions

Let me explain this one. I don’t book one-off sessions because I genuinely don’t believe it can get you the results you’re seeking. 


When it comes to healing our relationship with food, there’s often a lot to unpack. Many women who see me have been yo-yo dieting for years or struggle with body image issues. 


These aren’t things that are solved within one consultation. 


While I can give you some generic advice, you’re not going to be able to truly implement, without thinking about some of the issues that have held you back before. 


That’s why I offer packages of that are catered to your needs. I find this can give you the best results in the short-term AND feel sustainable at the same time. 


But on the flip side? I also don’t book sessions indefinitely 

Of course, certain dietary issues may require more ongoing support. But I find that a lot of nutritionists simply put their clients on auto-pilot, locking them into a weekly session that they simply do not need. 


Sure, maybe taking this approach would get me more business, but it doesn’t mean it’s what’s best for my clients! I’m all about teaching you simple, sustainable strategies that you can implement yourself long-term. 


For so long, you’ve probably relied on external sources to tell you how to manage your health, from glossy mags to social media influencers. Why would you want to simply swap out the advice and become dependent on me? 


Instead of being the one ‘empowering’ my clients, I want you to empower yourselves and feel confident about the flexible, intuitive choices you make. 

3.  Before our first session, you fill in a simple questionnaire. 

After we make our working relationship official, I send through an online questionnaire. 


This is designed to dig deeper into your nutritional needs, your family history, the specific issues you’re experiencing and the key questions you have. 


The reason I do this is so I can customise your consultation to what matters to you. I'll still teach you the fundamentals of simple, sustainable nutrition, but importantly, we’ll apply them to YOUR life.

4.  We kick off our first session and go from there.

What we work through during each session will depend on your specific needs. This is the true benefit of a personalised nutrition consultation. 

Rather than sifting through all the generic information out there, you can feel 100% confident that you have strategies and advice that caters to you. 

Most importantly, this is a judgement-free space to share your questions, concerns, self-talk and struggles. I pride myself on creating a welcoming, safe environment for you to show up, exactly as you are. 

5.  After each session, you’ll receive a summary of what we covered, plus resources and               worksheets to take away. 

I always want to make sure everything you learn is actionable. That’s why I equip you with loads of helpful resources and worksheets after our session. 

These are tools that are completely exclusive to Innamehealth clients and can’t be found anywhere else. 

You’ll also get a summary of the session itself, with the key takeaways and topics covered, so you can see your progress in real-time. 


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