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My 1:1 consultations and workshops deliver practical education, strategies and tools for mums and kids alike.

As a qualified nutritionist and mum of three, I know that food always ends up affecting our families. 


So, whether you’re on your own health journey or taking care of your kids’ nutrition, my 1:1 consultations and workshops are for you. 


I believe that feeding ourselves and our families should be SIMPLE. 

When you focus on the fundamentals of good nutrition, everything stops being so confusing.


My approach is 100%  practical. I equip you with education, tools and strategies that make sense…and actually work.

I believe that good nutrition shouldn’t take extra time, money and effort to integrate into your life.

When it comes to eating well long-term, there is no quick fix or magic bullet. Instead, it’s all about integrating a few foundational habits into your life. 


My approach is 100% sustainable. I teach you the most important mindset shifts you need to make and personalise every strategy to suit you, your family and your lifestyle. 

Stuffed Avocado

I believe that intuitive eating will transform your relationship with food. 

When you listen to your body, you realise it already knows when you need to eat and what will give you energy. There’s no need for all the external restrictions and rules. 


My approach is 100% balanced. I help you tune into your own hunger cues and make flexible choices that suit you (Plus, we can teach your kids how to do the same!) 



Who do I work with in my 1:1 consultations?

Women seeking support for their own nutrition 

Mums seeking support for their kids’ nutrition  

I also work with mums who want to feed their kids with confidence, tackle fussy eating and make meals a stress-free zone. Whether they’re picky eaters, have intolerances or are struggling with their body image and diet, I provide advice, tips and information tailored to your family’s needs. 

My 1:1 consultations are for mums who are:

  • dealing with fussy eating and meal-time meltdowns -

  • looking for easy, simple strategies to help your kids get the nutrition they need 

  • parenting a child who struggles with disordered eating

I work with women who want to figure out their relationship with food, ditch diets and tune into their body. 

My 1:1 consultations are for women who want:

  • clear, actionable advice on building a healthy lifestyle 

  • strategies to listen to your body and leave restrictive eating behind

  • tools to lose weight in a sustainable way

  • recovery support for disordered eating 

Who do I work with in my custom workshops?

I deliver completely customised workshops that focus on the fundamentals of good nutrition. 


Just like my 1:1 consultations, my workshops can cater to women who are seeking support with their own health, or mums who are seeking support with their childrens’ nutrition.


Plus, I can even do fun, informative workshops just for kids! 

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