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At Innamhealth, I also deliver nutrition workshops for businesses of all kinds. 

Workshops are a fantastic way to work with me in a group setting. Each one is bespoke, with content customised to your audience and their specific needs.

I pride myself on breaking down complex concepts into simple strategies that make food feel GOOD. 


I focus on the fundamentals of good nutrition and intuitive eating, while diving into the struggles and self-talk that can keep us stuck. 

And I teach in a fun, relaxed and easy-to-digest way, with tons of activities, conversations and Q&As worked in. 

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“A very big thank you to the amazing Innamehealth for running a nutrition session with our WAG competitive gymnasts today! 


It was so informative for all the girls to learn the importance of each of the food groups and how to incorporate them into a healthy, well-balanced diet. Thanks Inna!”

Stephanie Randall, Bunnerong Gymnastics 

Who are my workshops for?

Just like my 1:1 consultations, I specialise in both womens’ and childrens’ nutrition. 

I can deliver workshops for: 

  • women who are seeking support with their own health

  • mums who are seeking support with feeding their kids and fixing fussy eating 

  • kids who are starting to learn more about what, why and how we eat 

  • a combination of the above - i.e audiences of both mums and kids!

What businesses do I work with?

I work with a range of businesses and organisations across many different industries. 

I can create workshops on behalf of: 

  • a dance or gymnastic studio

  • a school or after-school care group 

  • a sporting organisation (for kids or adults)

  • a corporate workplace 

  • a mothers’ group 

  • a local business or community organisation 

What topics can I cover in my workshops?

When it comes to topics I can craft a workshop around, I really can cater to the needs of your audience. 

But to give you an idea of what I can talk about, my areas of expertise include:


  • Building positive body image and establishing healthy self-talk 

  • Parenting a picky eater and banishing meal-time meltdowns 

  • The fundamentals of kids’ nutrition 

  • Healthy habits for kids and how to form them 

  • Introducing intuitive eating for kids 

  • Spotting the signs of disordered eating in children 

  • Figuring out your family’s attitude to food


  • Introducing intuitive eating 

  • Dealing with body image issues 

  • Losing weight the sustainable way 

  • Ditching diets and restrictive eating

  • Nutrition fundamentals for women 

  • Building a healthy lifestyle 

  • Recovering from disordered eating 


“Inna’s talk was great for our dance studio. It was very informative and pitched for all age levels.

Thanks so much for taking the time to meet with us all. It really was a very special day!”

Lisa, C5 Dance Studio

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