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We all know that diets don't work, however people are obsessed with weight and body image. Thinner people are perceived as healthier, more beautiful and more attractive. No wonder society is obsessed with looking a certain way rather than focusing on their health and wellbeing. there is extensive research that shows being thin does not necessarily mean that you are happier or healthier. Eating Disorders Victoria, identifies researched dangers of dieting which are:

- Slows down your metabolism

- Affects your mental state

- Triggers binge and emotional eating

- Reduce the ability to feel hungry and full

- Reduces the amount of muscle tissue and bone density

Ditch the diets and stop obsessing about everything you eat and learn about intuitive eating. Intuitive eating is about not listening to all the diet rules and listening to YOU that knows how to best feed itself. When you learn how to eat intuitively again, your body will help you naturally make decisions on when to eat and how much and regulate your weight to what it's meant to be and make you feel amazing! That way you can JUST EAT IT!



Brekky Bowl (as prepared by Matt Sinclair)

Serving Size: 2 people