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Avoid these fake foodie's advice.

1. Going for low-fat salad dressing - Fat gets a really bad rap, but it's the nutrient that helps us feel full and satisfied. "Avoiding healthy fats such as olive oil with your meals will cause you to eat and crave more food later on. Vitamins such as A, E, D and K also require fats to be absorbed, so skimping on salad dressing may mean you'll miss out on body-loving nutrients.

2. Thinking sugar alternatives can do no wrong - Sugar is sugar, no matter how you eat it. Whether it's natural or processed, sugar has the same effect on the body. So you might as well eat the good stuff!! :) However if you want a healthier dessert. Food like whole fruits, cinnamon and vanilla powder are a great source of sugar as it is less disruptive on the blood sugar levels.

3. Assuming Gluten-Free is healthy - if you think that eating a slice of gluten free muffin is better than eating a slice of cake it is not always the case. Some wheat free flours often contain less fibre and protein, so you might be missing out on key nutrients. if you have a gluten intolerance try to eat foods made with vegetables, wholegrains, lean protein, legumes, fruit and nuts.

4. Egg yolks increase cholesterol - I have good news they don't! Egg yolks are nutrient-rich and contain most of the egg's vitamins and minerals. it's nutrient that eggs contain cholesterol however they do not increase levels i the body. According to The Heart Foundation, we can eat up to 6 eggs per week.

5. Cooking everything in coconut oil - Enjoy your coconut oil in smaller amounts. If consumed in excess will quickly contribute to weight gain.

6. Cutting Carbs - Carbs are a variety of foods including, wholegrains, some starchy vegetables such as potatoes, legumes and fruit. They provide us with much needed energy and are chock full of vitamins, minerals and most importantly fibre! If you cut carbs out you will be cutting a lot of very vital vitamins and minerals. So please DON'T!



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