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Meal prep is annoying and can seem time consuming. However I have 4 easy steps that make meal-prepping go from blah to yeah! I have taken these steps from Audrey Bruno another dietitian and they have worked for my clients and me amazingly.

Being prepared means I never go hungry or short of ideas of what to cook as i always have something in the fridge to make a meal from.

So here they are:

Step 1 Make Zoodles (Zucchini Noddles)


Well i used to use my spiralizer to make zoodles, but now I'm smarter and buy them pre-made #easy. They are sold in most supermarkets and will store in the fridge for a few days or you can store in freezer.

I like having this available as sometimes I like my pad thai or even stir-fry to be a little more pretty and different so having these already pre-made making the meal is that much easier. It also helps to add that extra serve of veggies in your meal without feeling like you're eating veggies!

Step 2 Prep a Grain


Having a cooked grain already in the fridge makes it easy to throw a meal together. I recommend a whole grain that will hold up in the fridge. Some grains i prepare are quinoa, brown rice, couscous.

Step 3 I Roast some vegetable


Roasting vegetables is an easy way to prepare veggies and delicious. I pre roast vegetables such as broccoli, brussel sprouts and cauliflower. As they don't release too much liquid when roasted and are so versatile to use in meals. They can be as a side dish or part of your meal. One of my favourites is roasted brussel sprouts with roasted almonds and haloumi.

They can also be a great snack with some hummus or any other spread that you desire.

Step 4 I hard boil eggs


Hard boiled eggs in the fridge is one of my favourite things. Its a great snack when you need a protein hit, its a great protein for your salad and a great option for breakfast with some toast and veggies



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